To use all features from Call Assistant a Subscription is required. There’s a Monthly and Annual Subscription.

These are the features that the subscription will unlock:

Call Screener – Find out in real time which calls are business/important and never have to speak to a robocall/spam caller again. Call Screener is as easy as pressing a button.

On Hold Music – When you just need more time to answer the phone Call Assistant will place incoming calls on hold music. While they wait you can finish what you were doing and then take the call.

Customize Screener Buttons – You can create your own buttons and tell Call Assistant what you want to say to your callers.

Customize your quick reply Buttons – You can customize your own replies to what you need to communicate to your callers.

Automatic Spam/Robocall Blocker – Call Assistant will help filter out spam calls automatically in addition you can use Call screener to block robocalls.

Reply by Audio – Call Assistant will take your calls for you when you are busy.

Unlimited Visual Voicemail – Read your voicemails as them come in with Text to Speech

Off network missed call log – Call assistant will tell you who calls when your phone is off network or phone battery dies.

Call back reminders – You will get a reminder to call back all of your missed calls

Default Dialer – Make Call Assistant the default dialer so we can handle all of your call logs in one central location, process outgoing calls, block calls, visual voicemail and more.

Desktop solution – Users can use a answer and screen calls from the browser

*Prices in the US. May be subject to change