Top 5 scams used in telemarketing and robocalls in 2022

According to Call Assistant’s records while screening many thousands of calls these are the most common subjects used by telemarketers and robocalls:

Vehicles & warranties

Hi, this is Melanie. I’m giving you a call from the dealer service centre. We recently noticed your car’s extended warranty would expire and wanted to provide you with one final courtesy call before your warranty expires and your warranty coverage becomes voided. This would make you financially responsible for all Service Repairs. If you wish to extend or reinstating. Your car’s warranty, press for now, or press nine to discontinue coverage and discontinue receiving these reminders

This is Suzie calling with the vehicle service department. We are calling about your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. We sent you several notices in the mail that you have yet to extend your warranty pass the factory cut off, and this is a courtesy call to renew your warranty before we close the file. If you are interested in renewing your auto warranty now, please press 5 now or press 9 to be removed from our list

Health & Insurance

This is the health coverage Network. There are perfect health plans for you. They cover all medical cost and are extremely discounted to connect to a license health insurance agent press 1

Hello. This is Debbie from the Health Market Place. Our firm has been assigned to review your health insurance options during the open enrolment period. You may qualify for up to $250 in savings and access to many carriers to choose from

This is our final attempt to reach you regarding Discount Health Coverage. You’ve been selected to receive a low-cost plan with high benefits due to our numerous attempts to reach. You ma’am. No success. Your eligibility will be revoked. If we do not hear from you in the next Forty-Eight Hours, and you will no longer be offered this plan during this enrolment

Loans & credit

Hello, this message is for anyone who has a federal student loan. The new Administration has released immediate forgiveness programs, please press one if you are interested in this program, or press 9 to decline this offer

Hi, this is Daniel with the student services department. I’m just following up in regards to your outstanding federal student loan balances. We have been trying to reach out to you because you are eligible for the federal student loan forgiveness

Congratulations, this message is regarding your loan application, which has been approved from our company up to $10,000. So if you are still looking for a loan, press 2 now, or just give a call on the same number. I repeat, press 2 now. Thank you and have a great day

This is Roberta calling from the underwriting Department regarding your Capital One credit card account. Based on your recent payment activity in Balance, you may be eligible for an interest rate reduction, to as low as 1.9%. There is additional information, I need to confirm your eligibility.

Travel & Leisure

Thank you for choosing Hilton Hotels. We would like to inform you that your booking number was, chosen for a complimentary stay for further details. Press one. Now. To be placed on the Do Not Call List press 2 now

Hi, this is an exclusive announcement. From Costco Travel. Your telephone. Number was pre-selected to receive a complimentary stay in a five-star hotel for further details, press zero. Now. If you wish to be placed on the Do Not Call List, press 2 now

And Other

Hello, this is Amazon. This call is to authorize a payment of $999. We would like to inform you. That there is an order placed for Apple iPhone using a Amazon account. If you do not authorize this order, press one, or press two to authorize this order

Hello, and please don’t hang up this white listing Pros calling about your Google Business listing. Our records show that your Google Business listing maybe suspended or not verify your Google. This can call us customer searching for your services not be able to find your business online. Press one to speak with the listing expert so we can quickly check the status of your Google Business listing.

Thank you for choosing Costco. You have been selected to receive a $500 travel voucher

Call Assistant & Artificial Intelligence

Using this data Call Assistant now can use Artificial Intelligence to create and use models that allow detection of these sort of scams in real time while it’s screening calls and warns users about the possibility of a spam call as the caller is speaking on the phone. This functionality is already available on Android and iOS

Keep in touch, another article will be added soon just focused this subject.