Take Call Management to the Next Level with Auto-Screen and Secretary Mode

In today’s fast-paced world, managing incoming calls can be a daunting task. Spam calls, telemarketers, and unknown numbers can disrupt our workdays, interrupt important conversations, and leave us feeling frustrated. To address these challenges, the innovative Call Assistant AI app has unveiled two new features that revolutionize call management: Auto-Screen and Secretary Mode.

Auto-Screen: Intelligent Call Screening

The Auto-Screen feature together with Autopilot eliminates the hassle of answering unwanted calls. When enabled, the app automatically screens calls from numbers not saved in your contacts list. You can customize the Auto-Screen timeout, allowing you to decide whether the app should screen the call immediately or a few seconds after it rings, giving you the chance to answer if needed.

Auto-Screen’s intelligent screening mechanism relies on Call Assistant AI’s vast knowledge of spam and telemarketer calling patterns. The app proactively identifies these types of calls and diverts them to voicemail, preventing unnecessary interruptions. This feature ensures that you only receive calls from relevant individuals or businesses, saving you time and frustration.

Secretary Mode: Personalized Call Handling

Stepping up the call management experience is the Secretary Mode. This mode elevates Auto-Screen by employing the app’s AI Assistant to actively engage with callers. Upon receiving an incoming call, the Assistant will politely answer the phone, gather essential information such as the caller’s name and the purpose of the call. This information is then promptly summarized and delivered to you in a concise notification, allowing you to quickly assess the call’s importance.

With Secretary Mode, you’re empowered to make informed decisions about whether to answer a call, without having to spend time engaging with unknown or potentially unwanted callers. This feature grants you greater control over your call experience, maximizing your productivity and minimizing distractions.

Elevate Your Call Management with Call Assistant AI

The combination of Auto-Screen and Secretary Mode marks a significant advancement in call management technology. These innovative features seamlessly integrate with Call Assistant AI’s existing functionality, providing a holistic solution to the challenges of managing incoming calls.

By automating call screening, Call Assistant AI reduces the burden of answering unwanted calls. With Secretary Mode’s personalized call handling, you gain control over incoming calls, ensuring that you’re only engaged with those that matter. These features empower you to take charge of your phone experience, enhancing your productivity and reducing stress.

Embrace the future of call management with Call Assistant AI. Download the app today and experience the convenience of Auto-Screen and Secretary Mode, transforming your phone calls into a seamless and productive experience.