Screening calls with Call Assistant on iOS

As we all know, the Apple ecosystem is a lot more restricted when it comes to call handling. This means that users won’t be able to have the same experience with Android and iOS devices.

On Android there’s a lot more automation that is possible to do programmatically while on iOS this is not the case. For example, it’s possible to replace the system dialer n Android while on iOS this is not a viable option. This means that on Android devices it’s possible to use Call Assistant without having conditional call forwarding enable (although recommended).

On iPhone, Conditional Call Forwarding is mandatory to have Call Assistant working correctly. Check out the Call Assistant iPhone Demo.

1. Setup Conditional Call Forwarding

Call Assistant AI for iOS requires conditional call forwarding correctly setup.

This allows calls to be forwarded to Call Assistant when users send a busy signal to the operator (hangup calls) or when calls are not answered

From the menu select “enable/disable call forwarding”. Select your operator and press “Enable Call Forwarding”

2. Incoming call

When a user receives an incoming call and wants Call Assistant to answer the call the user just needs to hangup the call. If the previous step was done correctly the call will be redirected to Call Assistant

Tip: Go to Settings > Phone > then scroll down, tap Silence Unknown Callers
Calls from numbers that are not on your contacts will automatically be diverted to Call Assistant

3a. Call Notification

Call Assistant will show a notification alerting the user that a new call was received by the system

The user can long-press the notification and some actions will appear so that the user can choose how the interact with the call.

If the users presses Screen it will sue the first screen action that the user configured, as well as Hold

3b. App Incoming Call UI

If the user taps on the incoming call notification Call Assistant will popup a new window showing the custom buttons that can be configured in the app.

Each button can make Call Assistant screen a call, put a caller on hold or just say a message to the caller and hangup

4. Screen Call

Selecting the an action to screen call will allow the user to read what the caller is saying in real-time a lets the user device if he/she wants to answer the call, hangup the call and/or block the caller

Explainer video about Call Assistant for iOS